Tuesday, January 19, 2016

55 Things

My all time favorite picture of Al. I am proud to be the photographer. It was taken on one of the sunset sailing trips on the Columbia River we would take while dating.
Today is Al's birthday. These days we don't buy each other many gifts, mainly because we don't need much, and if we DO need something, we are able to buy it when we need it and not wait for 'events'.  We do like to celebrate milestones, usually with food.  And as we get older, perhaps we should do that less, ha ha.

So, to celebrate today, I compiled a list of 55 Things that I love about Al.

1  He's cuddly.
2  He gives the best hugs.
3  He is smart.
4  He is curious.
5  He is Mr. Research. If he doesn't understand something, he will look for the answer.
6  He enjoys teaching others what he has learned. 
7  He is generally a happy person.
8  He likes books.
9  He attends church.
10  He likes cats.
11  Cats like him.
12  He is a loyal friend.
13  He treats my kids as his own.
14  He is 'Papa' to the grandkids.
15  He is very mechanically-minded.  (He can fix almost anything!)
16  He appreciates quality.
17  He is frugal....
18  ....but can be very generous with his money.
19  He is a safe driver.
20  He has a good vocabulary.
21  He can keep a secret.
22  He supported me through everything that happened in 2014 -- caring for, then losing my parents.
23  We can be quiet together.
24  He loves sunsets and sunrises.
25  He keeps me warm at night -- this is especially important on a boat in the winter.
26  He has indulged my desire to travel.
27  He's not afraid to talk to ANYbody.
28  He makes good coffee and delivers it with a kiss.
29  He can cook.
30  He looks good in blue, which brings out his eyes.
31  He remembers my birthday.
32  He remembers our anniversary.
33  He is fun to pick out jewelry with.
34  He is my designated reader.
35  He enjoyed Disneyland like a kid.
36  He enjoys MOST things like a kid.
37  He shares better than I do.
38  He loves my family.
39  He listens to my weird dreams.
40  He likes chocolate. (Which means we always have good chocolate, but I need to   guard it.)
41  Often it seems we read each others mind.
42  He's my personal IT guy.
43  He's quite humble.
44  We have a similar sense of humor (except for The Simpsons, The Family Guy, etc)
45  He likes to help people.
46  Little old ladies love him.
47  He picks up litter.
48  He works hard.
49  He will do really gross jobs, so I don't have to (clean the shower sump, etc)
50  He is concerned about safety.
51  He likes to hike.
52  He is my sunshine.
53  He is a generous lover.
54  When we've been apart for even a short time, I love to see him looking for me.
55  He looks good in hats.


  1. Happy birthday Al! Nice list of the 55 likes, Kristi!

    1. Haha! He asked me if I had trouble coming up with it. NO!