Sunday, January 17, 2016

From a Mother's Eye

We didn't get to see Micah. We didn't get to talk to Micah.

But he knew we were watching.

Here is what I saw.

The sun was low in the sky when we checked into the inn.

It was only minutes before the lights came on!

The view to the west, overlooking downtown Port Orchard.

And to the north, to the shipyard.

I am glad the 74 is lit, so it only takes a peek to know exactly where they are. I especially appreciate this at 4:29 AM when I wake up and the first thing I do is look out the window. Oh good, they didn't sneak out in the night.

The fence is down, the rails are manned, and the tug begins to ....tug.

The bow has cleared the slip.

And two of the four tugs are giving a push to turn -- see the smoke? They are working hard.

Making headway on its own. And the rain falls heavy.

Moving fast now. This is the closest view we will have.

Straight out from the inn, and appropriately, a flag at the house below.

Last view from the inn. Now we quickly check out and drive 15 minutes to Manchester, where the carrier emerges from Rich Passage.

We have company. Note the ship at anchor, and that is Blake Island to the right.

Just emerged into sight, and I zoom to get the '12th Man' flag!

Into the sound! An aircraft carrier, a tug, a ferry, and a helicopter.

Seattle in the distance.

Making the turn.


Such a big ship is now looking quite small. We are the last of the crowd left, and I tell Al that we shouldn't watch it out of sight.  We turn to go, and he asks me, 'Are you misty?' It takes a while to answer, and I say 'If I talk about it, I will be.'
For the rest of the day, we have a pretty good idea where the ship may be. But by sunset the area of probability of where they are grows and grows.  All I know is 'the Pacific Ocean'.   

And as I now write, there IS a tear, from a mother's eye.

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