Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cedar Cove Inn

The time had come for an important event, and I wanted a front row seat. So I googled 'Bremerton WA hotels'. I had been thinking of the Hampton Inn, right on the waterfront of Bremerton, just above the marina. But their website said there were no waterfront view rooms available for the night/nights I needed.

So I enlarged the map, and a pointer indicated the Cedar Cove Inn in Port Orchard. Oh, that would be perfect! Not only could I have that waterfront view, after I thought about it I realized it would be an even better vantage point than the Hampton Inn. Now, would they have room?

I contacted the inn through their website asking for a room with a view of the water. I got a prompt reply stating that we could have our pick! There were as yet no other guests expected for the time we wanted.

I then phoned the innkeeper, telling her the reasons for our visit, and settled on the Sidney on the third floor, thinking that elevation generally improves a view. 

One huge reason for choosing this inn was to honor my mom's memory. Port Orchard is the home town of Mom's most favorite author, Debbie Macomber. Debbie had a series of books based around an inn in a fictional town of Cedar Cove, which also inspired a television series on the Hallmark Channel. (I have not seen the show -- we don't have cable) 

THIS is the inn.

Al enjoys the view as he waits for a response to his knock at the office in the carriage house.

The inn itself

The view from the veranda

When we check in, the innkeeper Kathy Michael says 'I know you reserved the Sidney, but since you are the only guests (and she knew our reasons for visiting), I am going to put you in the Nordby where you can see the world!' She gave us a tour, touching briefly on the history of the house, and told us we owned the place for the night!

We love B and B's! Often we travel in the 'off season', which may be the reason that this was the third time in a row that we were the only guests in such establishments. (Besides the Cedar Cove Inn, our other two solo experiences were at the Hoquiam Castle on an April 1, and the White House. on a January 19)

A view from our room,

and from the parlor,

and again from the veranda. The excellent view includes the Port Orchard Marina, the Olympic Mountains, and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard,

which includes the aircraft carrier  USS John C Stennis (CVN 74) with my son already on board. The ship and crew are set for deployment the next morning.

By the way, the Cedar Cove Inn is for sale. Read more here  If we win the lottery, Al and I might consider it. He kept saying 'This would do.'

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