Friday, February 19, 2016


We took a little break from all the industry that's been occupying Al since the first of the year when daughter Lindsay and 'over half' of our grandkids came for a visit. The weather didn't totally cooperate, but there was enough of a break that we took the boat to Stuart Island for an overnight and hike.

Papa is happy to be underway for the first time since September, and youngest grand Ranger is proud to show Papa his very own tablet.

The older three grands are happy to be underway as well! 

The rain has stopped, and we begin our hike. Grammie 'hopes' to make it to the lighthouse, but that IS nearly 3 miles away. The kids find there is a significant amount of trash on the beach in Reid Harbor, and Papa says they will return later with the dinghy to pick some up.

Before we have made it to the island school, the two youngest especially are saying they are ready to return to the boat. We spend a little time exploring the library and peeking in windows of the school building, then head back another way.

I think this could quite possibly be the biggest slug I have seen! I bring my size 8.5 alongside for comparison...

There is a torrent heading for the dock at Prevost Harbor.

Papa and Troy enjoying a quiet moment.

Little Emrie, in her bright leggings, at the top of the torrent.

What a gorgeous day it has turned out to be! 

Emrie, Ryker, and Troy

Papa and three kids land at the beach on their litter safari.

The trophies! A bucketful for each of them, AND some bigger stuff.

Emrie and her window art the next morning.

Ranger too

The kids hanging out in the v-berth. Their screen time is restricted during school time, but this is 'vacation'.

Ready to take the haul to the dumpster!

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