Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Scenes From the Dock

Yesterday I noticed a boat approaching the harbor, placing fenders and staying out of the way of the departing ferry. Al was gathering some things to take up to the garbage dumpster and timing was right to help 'catch' the boat, if it appeared they would be choosing to dock behind us. But as Al went out onto the dock I heard him say 'I recognize THIS boat!'

Then I knew who it was -- our friend Steve was bringing his new boat home.

With selling Captain at the helm, and buying Captain at the door.

Steve gets to play 'deck monkey' as The Chief pulls into the slip.

A couple of hours later, one of the best looking work boats around is also coming home. The sunset lights the clouds, but the daylight has dimmed enough that his steaming light sends a beacon.

One day I told Al that we had a raven. REALLY?! How did we get a raven?

Haven't you noticed? Nearly every day, in the morning, a raven perches on the barricade and caws.

He peeks in the window -- I see you in there! -- and if it has rained he sips from the 'cups' atop.

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