Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sewing Project

We are spending some inheritance dollars on home improvement. We got a new refrigerator (which reminds me, I need to post photos of that!) We have ordered a new head. And the boat cushions are going to be replaced. 

All-around handy guy Al is in charge of it all! In early February, he dug the Thompson walking foot sewing machine out of the v-berth, and to practice for the upholstery job, he made a new cover for the dinghy's outboard motor.

 The Joby light is handy for 'sew' many things! His magnetic feet hang onto the cast iron body of the sewing machine as he directs a spot of light just where it is needed most.

Al says this is his first sewing project since he made a duffel bag in Junior High.

Sewing complete! Now to run a drawstring.

Finished and installed!


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    1. Ah, thank you. Wait until you see the cushion photos! We are just awaiting arrival of new foam...