Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving In, a short trip, and a rescue

Well, if moving in was as simple as just sleeping on the boat, I guess that means we have been moved on for a long time!  However, it does seem a bit more involved.  Today we cleared out a big chunk of the apartment, moving stuff to either the garage or the boat.

So, here are the results of one day of 'moving'.  We will spend most of tomorrow putting things away.

Also today we moved over to the Vancouver City public docks for a couple of days to reset the 60-day-in-Oregon clock.  Is nice to get way for a change; as opposed to be working on the boat all the time.  On the way we had a chance to perform a 'rescue'.  A small sail boat seemed to have de-masted itself and was doing a fair job of drifting to Astoria.  Given this is the middle of the week, a bit chilly, and the wind was up above 10 knots there were not many others on the water.  We motored over and ended up giving him a short tow back to his marina - hoping to build up the Karma account.

So now we are at dock, having dinner, watching some TV.

Day 1 :-)

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