Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shush, Don't tell Kristi!

Today Kristi is off to Casey's making Soap.  (Nice smelling soap)  They have been planning on this for a while and it gives me the perfect opportunity to do one of Kristi's most favorite activities:  Making Saw Dust!

Yup, now that we have the parties are over.  Now that we are actually moved out of the apartment, and now that we extended our stay in the slip one more month to complete some projects I thought I would actually start doing some projects!

Today I am working on the floors in the aft cabin.  I need to cut and fit a few more drop panels, and make some fixed (non removable) patched.  All this is because when I installed the shower and the bed, I actually recessed them below the level of the floor, and hence there are gaps and holes around things where the original plywood was.

So, here I am getting ready to make Saw Dust!  Need to cut away some of the original plywood to make room for that  new drop panel.

I know Kristi will like having no holes in the aft cabin, and once I get the cork down I am sure she will like it even more!  But for today, while Kristi is away - I am making a mess.  So please - keep this between us, OK?

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  1. Arg! The secret is out! And it's YOU that likes to make sawdust. I hate it! (But I love the new floors!)