Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, we have done it.

After a bit over a year of accelerated effort, today we moved onto the boat for good.  This means, we are now Boat People!  We moved one truck load of acquired furniture out of the apartment today, will finish with the rest of the stuff over the next two days and turn the keys back in Thursday.  But tonight we start living on  the boat full time.

We are going to keep the slip for one more month, to help with completion of projects - ala the cork flooring in the aft cabin.  But are looking to give up the slip the end of May and start cruising full time.  For the near future we will be hanging around the Portland area (Columbia and Willamette rivers) taking in the events of the summer - Lock Fest at the Willamette Falls (oldest multi stage locks in the US), Blues Fest down town Portland over the 4th of July (largest Blues Fest west of the Mississippi I understand), Concert series in Saint Helens, plus the ever favorite Pirates Cruise for the kids!   Likely will take a trip up river - maybe find some reason to head down river as well.

All the while just a doing.

Starting Today!

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