Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have floors!

Wow, yesterday finished putting the top coat on the cork floors (soles in Boat Talk) for the main and forward cabin.  And they are looking nice…  It has been 10 years, and I always said the flooring would be the last thing to go in; maybe this means I am all done???

It took a bit longer then I thought it would.  I spent 6 days cutting and fitting the tiles in the main and forward cabin – about 10 minutes per tile on average.  This was because of the angles and cutouts for the hatches.  And there is a downside:  with the floors looking so nice I can now see a few places where I might want to put on a fresh coat of varnish, and the forward wall could use painting again. 

Next focus will be the aft cabin.  Other than 3 hatches and the gluing up of a curved edging for around the shower have really not done anything down there.  Need to cut and fit two new hatch boards, cut, fit, glue and then varnish the trim pieces.  Will start on this Friday as Thursday I will be ‘telecomuting’ into an industry energy meeting (for which we got some press! )

It feels good to get this part of the project done, am starting to check off large chunks – Progress!

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