Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Day of Decadence !

Today Kristi and I enjoyed a day of relaxation.  No Baby Watch, and as we were NOT at a city dock (instead at Sand island in the middle of the Columbia) we had no incentive to get off the boat and go somewhere to spend $$.  However. . . .

Did we use resources!  . . . . Electricity and Water.

Yesterday I  ran the generator almost all day (mostly because I fell asleep and left it running) fully charging the batteries, and we filled up with water last night when I picked up Kristi after her time with the kids.  As of this evening (1830) we had used 412AH of electricity!   Now, this is about 2x what we normally use in 24hours, but then we were on the computers all day (access to high-speed WiFi thanks to the long range repeater and a local Samaritan who beams WiFi over to the island for boaters to use) plus we took showers (heating water) and did two loads of laundry.

Now, to put things into a little prospective for those still shore-based.  400Ah is around 5Kwh, or about the same amount of electricity a couple of 100W bulbs would use in a day.  And on shore it would cost around $0.50

On the boat.  400Ah is still around 5kWh, however it translate into 4 hours of generator (or two hours of main motor running).  And with the generator it would cost around $3.00 at today's cost of Diesel!  Plus, it is about ½ of our total power reserve of our batteries (to be nice, or perhaps 1/3 if we wish to push the batteries) which were DESIGNED to last 4 to 5 days between charges. . . .

A day of Decadence, a day we really enjoyed:
·         Showers at will
·         TWO loads of laundry!
·         Computers and WiFi repeater ALL DAY!
·         TV at night
·         Radio all day
·         TWO pots of coffee
·         Dishes and Vacuuming

And I also re-caulked some seams on the deck, plus changed the oil in the generator.

Ah, now it is Katie news, Jeopardy, and then 2-1/2 men – plus Drinks. 

Yes, this is the life!

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