Monday, August 30, 2010

Breathing Easier!

Grandson Milo is breathing easier, so that means we are too!

Several hours after a fast but otherwise normal birth last Wednesday morning, Milo developed some breathing problems that lead to poor oxygen levels.  He was removed to the nursery in the local hospital to receive oxygen, an IV for nutrition, and for  close observation.  There was some talk of transfer to a NICU in Portland, but consultation with doctors there said they wouldn't be doing anything more than the care he was already receiving.

Patience.  I was allowed to see him on occasion through the nursery window, but I haven't held Milo since an hour after his birth.  Casey and Richard were allowed into the nursery to visit and touch, and eventually hold Milo. His numbers rose dramatically whenever Casey held him, and especially the 'kangaroo hold' which put him skin-to-skin.

When Casey's doctor came to discharge her from the hospital on Friday, I was able to ask a little more about what was happening with Milo. (This doctor delivered three of my children, and this was the 4th of my GRANDchildren she delivered!)  She said he had symptoms of Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn, which should have resolved quickly, or Respiratory Distress Syndrome.  He was improving much that day, and a big signal of that was his annoyance with the nose tube delivering the oxygen.

His numbers improved steadily and yesterday he was allowed to move into the room Casey was using.

And within the past hour, I received a text saying that they were on the way home!  Yes.  We are all breathing a little easier now.

Now Milo's challenge will be learning to deal with two very active siblings.

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