Friday, September 3, 2010

Being Tourists

I suppose in many ways, the cruising life is just the continual state of being tourists!

One of my favorite places to be is downtown Portland.  So many coffee shops.  A concert in the park.  Lots of people to watch.

Yesterday, we did a few more 'touristy' things.  We visited the food carts at 9th and Alder, first getting a latte, a cappuccino, and some beans for coffee at the boat, and then Thai food, which we carried a few blocks to Director Park and Teachers Fountain.  We dubbed it 'Euro Park' for the very urban-contemporary design.

Then we moved to Pioneer Courthouse Square and enjoyed the sunshine for a bit.  Here is the namesake courthouse, with the many-direction sign:

But we probably spent the most time at the Portland Police Museum.  There are fewer than two dozen police museums in the nation.  There was quite a bit about the early history of Portland.  Here are a few 'firsts':


The curator had fun showing us a few special items, being we were the only visitors present at the time.  Here he is showing some handcuffs that belonged to the man on the horse in the photo behind.  I forget the officer's name, but his great-granddaughter visited recently and was allowed to handle this item.

He was also cataloging and researching the history of some new items donated, in pristine condition, even though the officer died in 1949 and these things have changed hands several times and been in attics from the coast to Bend. 

And a final shot--the original City Seal.

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