Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pierce Island

Here is our view to the east today.  We have not moved from the dock at Beacon Rock, and we are still wet. See the mist?  And the raindrop ripples in the water?

We did three loads of laundry yesterday.  We have plugged into the electricity here on the dock, and are sucking it up piggily!  The only thing is, it is SO humid, it's taking awhile for things to dry!

The  Tollys left by noon, but there is still a lot of fishing boat traffic.  We have seen quite a few fish being brought in and photographed.

The plan is to go through the locks at Bonneville Dam tomorrow.  Rob and Becky on their boat Maxine will join us at Cascade Locks, and hopefully Walt and Marta will be following on Brigadoon!

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