Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Welcome to Eastern Oregon!

Wow the trip to Hood River from Cascade Locks was beautiful!  I was posting to Facebook from the middle of the Columbia.  Though I had to quit after a bit--started to get that 'boatsick' feeling from reading while moving...

There was practically NO wind.  Nice for us, but poor Brigadoon had to motor all the way--no sails today :-(

The 'middle of the Columbia River'

The view from our front window

And out the side

A railroad tunnel

A fabulous house being built...
way up on top of the hill!

The Columbia Gorge Hotel, where we celebrated our 5th Anniversary, 5-5-2007

And the bridge at Hood River.  Hang a right and pull up to the dock!

We got here with 10 minutes to spare before Al's work call.  Yes, he's got to work, at least a little bit, even on our 'vacation'.  But he has just hung up, and our buddy boats are here, so I am going to go find a Starbucks and get my free birthday drink!

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