Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If I tell you it's a beaver, can you see him?  We observed this busy guy on the shore for 20 minutes or so last evening, munching away and not at all shy.  Al had time to play with the settings on the camera, and this is the best result.  This was after sunset, so limited light, and zoomed in as far as possible, makes a blurry photo.

A grumpy gull!  Yeah, it was a little cool this morning, but the sun was out! Cheer up!

This is one of our buddy boat's boat cat.  This is Max from Brigadoon.  He came to visit on Viking Star last night.  Naughty boy is not supposed to leave his boat!

A little lizard that was sunbathing on the pathway to downtown Hood River.

A killdeer?  I didn't have the camera the first time across the bridge, so I can't show you the salmon we saw.

And PeeDee (short for PolkaDotty) from the boat Maxine.  She looks sweet, but  mind your fingers!

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