Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving On

Sorry.  No visuals today, since yesterday's post has scared me off photo uploads for a time, AND there hasn't been much of interest to see on today's leg.  The hills have flattened and are MUCH less dramatic.  Earlier today I commented......I miss trees!  There seems to be just an occasional shrub here and there.

Brigadoon DOES have their sails up again today, but you have seen a picture of that already too.  Walt and Marti worked very hard yesterday to get their raw water pump working again (this cools the engine--very important function).  However, the belt is slipping on their alternator now, which does not allow their batteries to charge properly while underway (as I understand the problem).  We and Maxine have portable generators along on the trip, though, so this problem should be managable, allowing all to continue with the trip.

We are travelling 4.9-5.2 knots over ground, rather slower than Viking Star would travel on it's own, but a good pace for a sailboat.  We are holding at 1000 rpm, and our normal cruising speed is 13-1400 rpm.  Al has made some adjustments to our own alternator to more closely align our charging and discharge rates.  We won't be able to recharge our batteries completely on today's journey, so I will postpone doing a load of laundry until tomorrow.

There is MAYBE two-foot swells, with following seas and winds, so it is really quite a comfortable ride.  We have learned to manage the 'stationwagon effect' of exhaust coming into the cabin, causing some slight headache and nausea on my part, by basically closing the rear windows and the windward side door.  Unfortunately, this greatly decreases the flow of FRESH air also, so that the sheet I have stretched and fastened with clothespins and a c-clamp is very important to shade the cabin from the sun shining in from a cloudless sky.

Al has been working hard today.  He had one phone call from the dock this morning, and two while on the river.  He called yesterday 'Money Monday', but I think he has more time in today!  We have set the autopilot and with two sets of eyes to check our progress, we are doing just fine.

Our destination today is to anchor out on the leeward side of Crow Butte, another island in the Columbia River.  The idea was to raft together and have a community chicken barbeque dinner.  We will see how the others feel.  It is pretty rough, and our chicken is still partially frozen.


  1. Got any belt dressing for that slipping belt on the alternator? Old fashioned item to have, but you should be able to find it at a hardware store judging by the grain elevator. Belt dressing usually comes as a stick like deodorant that you just apply as the belt is turning...you may find a spray tacky dressing that could work as well. Can't get over the experience this trip has been for you!

  2. Yes. They had some. They just got back from the auto parts store here in Umatilla--two new ones now.

    And yes, there was a great hardware store in Arlington--liqour store in back, AND a saddle shop!