Friday, September 24, 2010

Hood River to The Dalles

The Old Columbia Gorge Highway

The monument on Memaloose Island commemorates Vic Trevett, pioneer of The Dalles, buried in 1883.

The hills get wider and browner the further east you go.  The two very small white dots on the left are our buddy boats.   Or click on the picture to get a bigger view.

View to the right....

and to the left.  Lots of fishermen here.

And Mt. Hood

We left Hood River at just about noon today, and made good time up river.  It is a warm and sunny day!  Al appreciates a little more excitement on the water than I do, so I love the smooth water we have encountered.  The roughest it got was when a fishing boat or two would overtake us.  I fixed sandwiches while underway, and now steaks are on the barbie and we will be joining our friends on a floating patio for an outdoor dinner.  

I need to go up the ramp and get a picture of our boats here in the marina.  It is SO sunny that Brigadoon got out their sunshade.

Friends pooped out early last night, so maybe movie night tonight?

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