Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Thinking of that Fiddler on the Roof song?

Tonight, these events happened pretty much simultaneously.  We have a whole bank of pictures going back and forth, back and forth.  And pretty much ALL of them turned out so beautiful that it was difficult to decide which ONE of each to post!

There was some debate this evening atop Viking Star, watching a sailboat race, on what exactly we would be doing tomorrow--what time to depart, shall we go have lunch in Bingen, shall we stop at the marina in The Dalles, shall we go through the dam and stay at Miller Island.  Weather/wind is a consideration.  The wind is supposed to pick up tomorrow, which going upriver can be a good thing, giving an extra push.  (And maybe Brigadoon can SAIL!)

Latest word is that we will depart Hood River at 11AM, after Al's work phone call.  And we will go to the marina at The Dalles.  However, be prepared for anything!

And NOW, I have to leave to watch tonight's episode of Survivor!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. These kind of moments are the kind you will cherish forever