Monday, September 27, 2010

More Arlington

Last night's sunset photo was just the beginning of the show!  It continued on for nearly an hour, with many ooooohs and aaaaahs from all of us.  Here is more for you:


The sunset cast a glow onto the hill to the east of us, A is for Arlington.

Walt and Marti were off first thing this morning.  I don't know how or where, but they got something welded, and have returned to the boat where Walt will attempt to drill the pulley.  Pray that all goes well.

After Al fed himself, Rob, Becky and me breakfast burritos, we all walked to 'downtown' Arlington.  A quick tour is REALLY quick, and revealed a hotel/restaurant/ lounge, a hardware/liquor store, a grocery store, and pizza place, and a service station.  We asked the grocery clerk and she confirmed that that is pretty much IT, the rest of the town being residential, with a school on the hill.

Oh yeah, THIS is where you get up close and personal to the train traffic!  The track runs right along the marina with a crossing at the entrance, so the whistle gets blown a few times before the train actually thunders by.  Al and I counted at least 5 trains through the night.  This morning we heard that that 'wasn't very many'!

Rob said 'Life must be good in Arlington---all the gulls are sleeping!'  Nah, I think they were disturbed by the trains too.

Roosevelt WA is across the river from Arlington OR

The grain elevator is a landmark on the river.

Here we all are at the 'transient' dock (no power), for free!  There are slips with power, for $10 a night, and water is available.  We paid $15 a night at Hood River, power included, and $10 at The Dalles, no power.

Well, the internet connection today has been very, very, VERY slow!  It has taken me almost 4 hours to upload these photos and post to the blog!  Don't know what the difference has been, other than it is a regular work day, for most people, and perhaps I've had to share more than I did even last night....

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