Thursday, September 16, 2010

Company at the Fuel Dock -- and Heading Up River!

Well, we have had a change in plans.  There WAS a photo shoot scheduled to take place on Viking Star on Saturday, but complications with people and weather have cancelled it.  And since I got to have a final visit with all the grandkids yesterday, when Al got the news of the cancellation, he said 'Let's GO!'  (We have been planning an upriver trip for a long time--were supposed to have gone in April)

This morning was spent provisioning and running errands.  And this afternoon, we hit the fuel dock.  Just to make a few of you jealous, this is the first fuel we have taken on since Christmas Eve last year!  Just took 100 gallons--pretty good for a whole summer of river travel!

Well, as Al was settling the bill, I noticed this fellow (?) coming down the river.  We had heard there was a black swan hanging around the North Portland Harbor this spring, and I have seen pictures from three different friends, but this was MY turn.  Isn't he pretty?  And he made a few quiet honks, similar but different from a goose honk.

He stopped and took a short rest on a submerged log, did a bit of preening for the camera, and was off again, wandering down river.

And as we pulled away from the fuel dock, so officially begins our upriver trip!  Come back for stories and pictures of our adventures for the next six weeks as we move up the Columbia and Snake Rivers to Lewiston Idaho, as far as we are able to go with Viking Star.


  1. Nice photos, hope you have a fun cruise. I saw a pilated this morning, not as graceful as a swan but cool none the less.

  2. Have a wonderful trip up river. It's one we hope to make one day, so we'll be anxious to hear all about it. See you when you get back. Dayna