Monday, August 9, 2010


It was a weekend for grandchildren!  The 6th seems a little anxious to get out--it is still a month until it's due date, but Casey spent a few hours on monitors at the hospital on Friday evening.  This one's older brother came FIVE weeks early, so at least this one has waited a little longer.

Saturday I spent with Casey and Evan, and I got to visit with Richard a bit before he was off to  work.  Madalyn stayed at her other Grandma's house to ride her bike.  Saturday evening I spent with Ryker and Emrie.  Troy was at his dad's for the weekend.  Lindsay and Robby went to the Vernonia Jamboree.

Back to the boat last night, for a much better night's sleep.

We've spent the morning at Starbucks where Al had an excellent French press and I had my usual Chai Tea latte.  He is now on a business call, and we will be leaving to go shopping after that.  He has a couple of things to pick up for projects.  We haven't decided whether we will be anchoring out this evening, or find a dock to tie to.

All for now,

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