Monday, November 15, 2010

Alone Again....


Has it really been two weeks since we have made it back into a slip for the winter?  Guess so - and have we been BUSY.   Well, busy in a relative kind of way.

Today I am alone on the boat - again.  Kristi has been out and about doing the Social Thing almost every day (between taking stuff we do not use off the boat, Laundry, etc).  And as we have only one car now, that leaves me stranded somewhere.   Today it is the Boat with her parting words (in effect) WORK ON SOMETHING!

 So today I mixed up a batch of Sour Dough starter to share with Michael (my Son) tomorrow, and am getting ready to work on the aft hatches some - they need to have new caulking placed between the deck boards.  Today need to reef out the old caulking, then tape and re-caulk.   Instructions say caulk is good to 40 degrees, weather says will be around 50 for a few more days.  So - best get on it.

OK, For those who do not know about teak decking, picture this:  At some time in the past someone said "Hey, I have an idea on how to make a roof on a boat!  Let's take some strips of wood, and then put caulking in between them to make it 'water proof'.  That should work!"  Ya, works great.  Just great.  (read:  sarcasm)  But it's traditional, and is how Viking Star was built - so will keep working at it. . . .

Well, guess I had better get on it.  Hatch covers, move alternators around, prop up the steering tubes some more.  Hmm . .  Can not get to the garage, so door and making of a crow-foot for the rudder post will have to wait - guess I could cut some Bung Plugs.

Wow, am tired already.

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  1. LOL, for the record, I am being very careful NOT to be gone every day, because I know Al is stranded. Thank you neighbor Bob for giving him a ride to the garage today! No solo plans for the car until Thursday...