Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Home

Vancouver.  We love Vancouver, and it has been easy to make ourselves at home here.  It has a small-town feel, and we find it easy to get around.

We were here one sunny day last week to do a quick run through some 'stuff' in the garage, pick up things needed for projects on the boat, and fill a box to drop off at the local Goodwill.

We stopped at one of the many 'favorite' coffee shops, Mon Ami, for crepes and lattes, then walked to the credit union to deposit the TWO paychecks that arrived while we were gone on our trip (Al is a 'business' and cannot have direct deposit into an individual account).

We noticed several changes in the few months we have been travelling.  A couple of stores are gone, a couple are temporarily closed due to fire damage, and there were a couple of new stores.  We are excited about the new one we checked out, Neighbors Market.  It is on Main at McLoughlin in downtown Vancouver.  It is following the 'Buy Local' movement, and sells produce and products grown or made in the Pacific Northwest.  On that trip we bought soup from a Tualatin OR company, bread from the Je' Taime bakery (also on Main St. in Vancouver) and a chocolate bar from Seattle WA.

At today's visit  I see some new products on the shelves.  Personal care items, pet food and cat litter, 'green' cleaning products.  I bought another loaf of bread and told her I was looking for leek soup, so she made a note and said she would see if the company made that kind.  She expects another big shipment on Wednesday, so their product list is growing!

Today, I dropped Al off at the garage.  He put another coat of paint on projects at the boat, which makes the boat a not-very-pleasant place to be for awhile.  So he is at the garage beginning 'The Door'.  Presently 'The Door' is his bathrobe, hung every evening between the main and aft cabins.  I am visiting Starbucks, sipping a chai tea latte, working on this blog post, and checking the news and Facebook.

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