Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coming Home

I have spent the past week visiting the grandkids, having coffee with my daughters, and wondering when I will see my college student son.  Three of our five kids had birthdays while we were gone, so we have celebrated a couple of those.  (Still waiting for Micah...)

Home is where the heart is.

But I could never truly be HOME until I visited my church family.  Today was our first time to Forest Grove United Methodist Church since April, when we moved full-time onto the boat.

And 'My People' didn't fail me.  The 'Welcome Back!'s started in the parking lot.  Hugs were given and received.  Two of my 'moms' from my trip to the Holy Land in 1996 were in attendance.  During 'joys and concerns' Al and I were going to stand and say we were glad to be back, but Maryjane beat us to it!

The congregation spent last Sunday in service in the community, so this Sunday was the All Saints celebration, where we remember those who have died in the past year.  One of the eldest members, Vic Albro, died while we were away.  Vic had seen me grown from a newlywed to new mother, go through divorce, fall in love again and remarry, and become a grandmother.  Vic and I shared a pew often, and I will miss greeting him on Sundays.

It was also Communion Sunday.  Sometimes communion events can make me cry, and it happened again today.  Sam is a World War II veteran.  And with age he has come to rely on a walker to help him get around.  But today he received the communion elements, and then left his walker to kneel at the rail.  Sam's wife is a member of the choir, so two other women waited with Sam while he prayed, and then made sure he got back to his seat.

And all I could think of were the song lyrics based on 2 Chronicles 7:14.  If My People, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray....

It sure humbled ME.

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