Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ahh, Sunshine!

Bookmark this page so you can come back to remind yourself  when the dreary days return  that we DO occasionally have BEAUTIFUL days in winter in the Portland Metro area!

Sunrise at OMSI, downtown Portland

The service docks at Swan Island

A Navy 'Oiler' in the dry dock

Saint Johns, the prettiest bridge in Portland, IMHO

Mt St Helens with her cloud cap 

The Vancouver railroad bridge swing span and bridge tender's house flanked by Mt. Hood

My view approaching the railroad bridge, notice the Christmas Ships burgee

We left downtown Portland early this morning so that Al could get us through the Steel Bridge lift we need, and then begin his work call.  I took the helm at the Fremont Bridge and brought us back to the marina, where Al's call completed just in time for him to bring us into dock!  (Of course, I adjusted speed to insure that happened.  I have not brought Viking Star into close quarters yet--I have only practiced touch-and-go's, once.)

Now I am busy hauling laundry back and forth on the dock, and made a trip to acquire more quarters to run said laundry.  Also gassed the car and did some light provisioning.

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