Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun to Suck ratio..

We often get asked ‘So, how is it living on a Boat?’, and there is inevitably a pause on my part.  Some of this is waiting for Kristi to share first – in an attempt to get her true feelings on the topic, but part is also:  How does one really answer this question?

Do we share the ‘Great Sunset, Closer to Nature, closer to Each Other’ moments, or the ‘Rain, Rain, MORE RAIN, Fixing Toilets on Father’s Day, and of course those Being Closer To Each Other – CLOSER’ moments. (well, that last one is actually not that bad. )

Truth is, Living on a Boat is like almost everything else about a Boat:  It has compromises.  We can move around easily, and when not tied to a slip need to move around often.  We do get memorable views of nature, and am sooo much closer to this great world of ours.  We also get chills from the less then even heating in the boat.

I guess the bottom line is:  Life on a Boat has wonderful moments, ones that we could not imagine land based.   It also comes with more demands and compromise:  Things, Energy, etc..

And hence the Fun to Suck Ratio.  (btw:  I first noted this F2S ratio in a comment on Third Day’s Blog: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/svthirdday/).   Idea in Life is to always keep the Fun to Suck ratio in the Positive Territory.  Guess this is true no matter where you live, but it does open a good way to approach the question ‘How do you like Living on a Boat’ :  the F2S ends are more extreme.  Yes, there are down sides; and do not make light of that when life on a Boat Sucks, it can really suck.  But in return, the upsides are even greater.

Honest answer:  Loving it.  Even if the Head Pump needs to be rebuilt again….

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