Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pulling wires in prep of relocating the batteries. Or -- doing things twice . . .

This photo shows the pile of wire we are about to pull in preparation for relocating the battery bank aft.  Someone once told me:  You get to do things twice on a boat;  and darn if they have not been right.  But as the boat is 1) More complete than it was a year ago, and 2) now our HOME - it is just much much more difficult to do things again.  To prep for pulling the wires we:

  1. Removed the Washer / Dryer
  2. Moved out the Freezer
  3. Moved out the Laundry Basket (ok, that was not that tuff)
  4. Cleaned out under Kristi’s shelf.

Then we will pull wires:

  • Two sets of 10/4 cables for the two inverters
  • Two 4 gauge wires for the dedicated bilge pump feed
  • Two sets of remote panel control wire (telephone cable!) for inverters
  • Two heavy Green Chassis bonding wires for the inverters
  • Wire set to serve as voltage sense point for main engine house alternator
  • Control wire for remote enable / disable of inverters (for when we have to manually ‘reset’ the Prosine 2KW inverter ….)
  • Sensor wires for Link10 battery monitor

In all, about 500+ feet of wire.  And this does not even count the heavy 373mcm I need to adjust for the 12v feeds to/from the inverters (once I physically relocate them )

And then after pulling all this wire I get to secure  them every 18”, that will involve all of the above prep work  PLUS pulling all the drawers out on the Starboard cabinets.

Boy it sure would have been easier to do this 2nd time around when I did it the 1st time.  But in the end it will give a better balanced boat, and I will be changing the wiring approach  to better match the needs to a full-time live aboard cruising boat vs. the times we were at the dock.  So, in the end will be worth it.


  1. hey, give a hollor if ya need another wire monkey, im off this week.

  2. hey, give a holler when you're ready to move those batteries.