Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catching Up

What have we been doing?  Well, not posting to the blog for one thing....

Latest you saw, we were pulling wires and Al was preparing to move the batteries.  That will hopefully be accomplished very soon, perhaps tomorrow or Saturday.  Al has installed some shelves under the nightstands and is now milling some wood to begin work on the second head.

Today, I am thankful for the warmer weather!  I have not enjoyed what I came to call 'my own personal Polar Bear Club' --the morning shower.  During the cold snap around Thanksgiving, I brought a thermometer down to the nightstand, and was not surprised to find it read 50 degrees.  That cold weather returned for an extended engagement recently.  A down comforter makes sleeping quite cozy, but we also shower in that same thermal zone.  A space heater does not help a whole lot, since even warm air blown on wet skin feels quite cold!

Other things we have done since the first of the year:

  • Al volunteered to not only serve on a committee for Christmas Ships, but to chair
  • Two dental appointments, so far
  • Celebrate with friends Mark and Carol Balcom their 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • Go on the Portland Spirit for the dinner cruise they put on for Christmas Shippers
  • Watch the Oregon/Auburn ball game with our Best Man and his girl
  • Several opportunities to visit with kids and grandkids
Today, the pump is running to fill the tank for the stove.  The water tank needs to be filled.  And grocery shopping needs to be done.  Al has done some investigating as to why the food in the fridge is freezing, and the ice cream is melting in the freezer.  He may need to take the thermostat out and visit local shops for assistance.  But first, I am enjoying my coffee.


  1. Learn to live without The fridge. It's not that hard. ALOT of items we refridgerate automatically, do not need to be refridgerated, Especially in the 50 degree weather...fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs. Do you really need ice cream? or can you just buy a bar when you get the craving? Things like that are what you should be considering.


  2. Oooo...weaning off ice cream? That would take some serious consideration.