Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Letter

My husband reaches the 50 Year milestone today.  He does not wish to 'celebrate' this fact, but I want to acknowledge that I am glad he was born!

I read recently that women should buy their own presents, and ask their husband for a love letter now and then.  That seemed like good advice, but how can I ask my husband for something I haven't given to him?  So, my birthday present to my husband is a love letter.

Why make it so public?  Because love should never be hidden.  And we declared publicly, before God, family and friends on 5-5-2002 that we loved each other and were committed to a marriage, together.

So, what is it that I love about this man?

I love his sense of adventure.  I love that he has had this dream of living on a boat, and has worked so hard and so long to see this dream come true, and that he wants to share that dream and experience with me.

And he has accomodated MY dream of travel.  San Francisco, Europe, Minnesota, Hawaii, Niagra Falls and Macinac Island, San Juans, Seattle.  Air, Land and Sea.

I often say jokingly that 'I married a little boy!'  This is NOT at all said in the 'oh, grow up' attitude.  I love Al's delight in the simple things.  Dark chocolate, a cat's purr, sunrise or sunset, a good beer, a friend's company.

His strong desire, NEED for approval, keeps him trying so hard.  That's another reason for me writing this 'letter'--I too often criticize, and I know this, and want to SAY what I appreciate.

He gives great hugs.  He holds me tightly, and is strong enough to lean on.  He keeps me warm in the cold, and I love to lie next to him.

Al is very intelligent, and loves to share his knowledge.

Though frugal, he is generous.  He is always willing to help in any way he can, friend OR stranger.

Al is my Golden Retriever-- loyal, tolerant, and happy-go-lucky.

And not last of all, but perhaps most of all, I love that Al attends church with me.  I often feel closest to Al when I feel closest to God, in church or out.

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