Monday, January 17, 2011

High Water

It has been raining heavily for the past few days.  The climb up the ramp is not so steep, and I noted yesterday that the pilings at our moorage were only sticking out about 3 feet above the roof.  Last night's news showed flooding on local creeks and at the coast.

This morning when I emerged from my cocoon the first thing I noticed was the color of the water.  So I turned around and looked at the pilings compared to the roof, across the fairway:

Another view, this one from Viking Star, looking up to OUR roof and pilings.  AIR!  Don't worry, there is no danger of floating away, unless the waters rise another 25 feet or so.  It came close in 1996, though.  The river nearly breached the dike, which would flood the PDX airport, in addition to releasing many marinas.

And now a shot to show the water color.....

I sent my family an email update last night, noting the flooding creeks, and said it would get worse before it got better.  I just didn't expect to SEE so much of a change, right here, so soon.

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