Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving Batteries, Take Two

Thank you, Pastor Dan, for once again coming to help haul batteries!

We all took a moment to wonder when exactly the big boys were installed, and we narrowed it down to sometime after Christmas Ships ended (Dec 2009) and April 2010, when we moved aboard full-time.  Ha Ha!  I looked up the posting, and it is nearly a year to the day!

Al ended that post by saying that if anything went wrong with the batteries, he would be selling the boat.  Weelllll, nothing is technically wrong with the batteries, BUT that amount of weight so near the bow, WITH the beefy anchor platform Al built, AND the 75-lb anchor hanging on it, with 400 feet of 3/8inch HT chain made our boot stripe disappear!  Also, our sloping table sloped even more, and there was a definite list to starboard.

Al determined that moving the batteries to the lazarette would be best and has been busy building a new box and pulling wires in preparation. Again, my main duty was photographer, and gofer.

First in line

Block and tackle helps, but they are still HEAVY!

Yes, the tongue in cheek helps with concentration.

Down she goes.

THERE'S that boot stripe again!  You can see by the scum-line that it had been below water for quite awhle.

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