Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Alive!

Today I test fired the Hurricane Heater and it went well! The heater cycled just as it should, burned clean, and was a bit quieter then I was expecting - considering the 'exhaust' was just a flex pipe and had no muffler installed. Have great hopes for this system - and having an early Hurricane heater with the original Analog controller is a plus. I understand the shift to Digital controllers was a total disaster. In fact, the service guy who is installing the real exhaust commented one did not see too many of these heaters with the Analog controller - as folks tended to hold on to them :-)

I simulated a 22 minute shower as part of the trial. 22 Minutes! Water temp was holding at 125F, and would stay there until we emptied the water tank. AND, this was with the Shower head in the 'Wistful Luxury' mode as opposed to the Fine Spray mode. Over all - between the new Par Max JR water pump, and this Hurricane Heater, showers will be Just Like Home. Our Old Home, the one with the 65 Gal gas fired water heater. Where we NEVER ran out of Hot water. . . .

Maybe a bit too much like home, guess I will need to get that water maker finished up!

And PS, I am alive also. Almost all effect of the surgery has passed, amazing I think.

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