Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taking a break.

Today Kristi and mark our  9th anniversary.  It has been quite a journey, Jobs, House, Boat, Kids, etc.  And yet she still seems to want to stick around :-)    We are heading to the beach tomorrow to spend some time with friends at their house at the beach.  Will be a nice break.

Just finished painting the cabin of Viking Star, and she looks nice.  Still need to do touch ups, and will want to repaint the Blue accent later in the year.  Will get the Hull during the haul-out, and this will be the 1st time we have painted the entire boat.  Getting her ready for the trip north!   Have been chasing down the leaks in the heating system – I hate no-lead solder..  Not too keen on Teflon tape as well.  Have found 2 bad solder joints, and 4! leaking screw joints.  Refreshing using 50/50 solder and paste joint compound.  Yes, going back to the old-school traditional approaches.  Though have to say am a bit baffled by number of  the screw-in issues using the tape.

Now that the boat is painted, will have to get back on track with the other projects.  Have been picking at a few: routed DC power to the SSB, still need to connect the auto-tuner.  Mocked up the Lectra-San placement, and measured the heavy DC power cables.  Heater exhaust goes in Monday.  Ordered LOTS of small parts for the water maker, will pick several of them Friday on our way to the beach.  Am starting to cut items, ala:  Am thinking of leaving the spare hull planks behind with someone instead of getting them over the port fuel tank.  Also an thinking the aft head might be in Kit Form when we leave, as opposed to being installed.  Aft cabin overhead likely the same -  will see.

Kristi and I are also looking to go to Minnesota for a few days to see her family.  With that and the Beach I have 4 working days left until the Haul Out is scheduled.  Wonder if I will make it. . . .

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