Sunday, May 29, 2011

South Beach Diet

Thirteen days ago, Al and I began the South Beach Diet.

Recommended by his doctor, I bought the book and began reading.  After I returned from visiting family in Minnesota (Al had his appendix removed while I was gone), I made a shopping list, and we began.

It's actually a pretty easy diet to follow.  Phase 1 lasts for two weeks.  No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit or alcohol are allowed during this time, BUT eat your fill of most vegetables and low-fat meats and cheeses.  No counting calories or points.

The book says that average weight loss during Phase 1 is 8-14 pounds.  The first week the pounds FLEW off, but only in the last few days have I FELT thinner.  And I guess Al feels it too, because the other day when he hugged me HE said I felt skinnier.  I said 'It's probably because we are both skinnier and we can get closer now!'  My clothes aren't falling off yet, but I don't bulge as much.

On day 13, we fall within that average.  I have lost 11 pounds, and Al 14.

We are looking forward to adding some carbs back to our diet beginning on Tuesday.  We HAVE experienced what has been called 'the South Beach Flu', or 'carb crash'.  We feel fatigued and a bit achy, especially with activity.  Of course, Al is still recovering from his surgery and from a cold/cough, and me from travel.  But we look forward to a rise in energy in the week to come.

Some other observations:

White bread is worse than ice cream.
Eat an acid at every meal to help slow the glycemic effect of foods (tomato, vinegar, lemon).
Fresh lemon juice IS a tasty salad dressing!
We notice food commercials a lot more now.

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