Thursday, November 20, 2014

Basking in the Warmth of Colorado Springs!

It was a nice, but long, 14 hour drive from Storden, MN to Kristi's sister house in Colorado Springs CO.  We have enjoyed good company, sharing stories and memories, and the nice warm weather of Colorado in November.  (Today is forecasted for a high of 49f, NOAA is thinking Storden will make 16...)

Not too much more today, will perhaps do a reflection of the past year sometime soon.  Right now our thinking is head South say Monday, then over the California coast to the land of 'Happy Cows'.   Do a slow drive up the Pacific coast highways to Portland for the Christmas holidays; stopping for a few days in San Franscisco.  Then some time around New Year make our way back to Friday Harbor.  

But who knows, we do not really have any 'plans' these days :-)


  1. Loved having both of you here. Slow down and let Kristi roll down the window to Moo at the happy cows. :)

  2. We have been! And getting odd looks from all, Cows included :-)