Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday Kristi and I caught sight of the Sea for the first time in many months -- 11+ for her, perhaps only 3 or so for me, if you count my week back at Viking Star in August.  But I will say, it feels like 11+ months..

We not only saw the sea, we did the right thing - tossed our shoes and took a walk.  

After a day of driving, we arrived in time for the sunset.

There we go!

Happy Faces...

All around!

And there we are - back on the West Coast in Santa Barbara, CA.   These days we have tossed our coats (it was -11f this morning back in Storden MN, yes.  MINUS 11. . . .)  We are working our way slowly up the coast.  Monterey tonight, San Francisco tomorrow - will figure the rest of the days as they come.  Today, not wanting to lose sight of the sea, we took Hwy 1 up the coast.  After an hour or so Kristi managed to let go of the passenger seat (and she was not even using her hands!) long enough to take some pictures, might post some soon (or check out her Facebook page).

And FWIW, I was 10 years old the last time I was on California Hwy 1.  It is a great trip.  We played Old-person-mode, just driving nice and easy.  Well, not quite Old Person mode  - we pulled over several times to let traffic pass, even an RV - and maybe a VW at one point :-)

But be clear -North we are pointed!

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