Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tuesday it is...

Weather reports (aka, 'weather WAG')  tells us Tuesday is the day.  
  • We will finish up our 'business' - helping Dean tidy up Maynard and Ellen's financial affairs -  Monday (I hope).  
  • The Cat has gone to a new home,  a couple of weeks ago.  Kristi and I still expect to see 'Kit' at the door as we come in.  
  • DISH shut off the satellite service a few days early, and I was not able to enjoy 'CBS Sunday Morning' with my cup of coffee, fresh baked Cinnamon rolls, and my wife.

Yup, all stars are aligning - and we will look to be hitting the road Tuesday.  Bright and Early, 12-14 hour drive to Colorado Springs to spend a few days with Kristi's sister and brother-in-law.  Then looking to head to San Fransisco to visit Pip the Cat  ( ) for Thanksgiving and a slow drive up the coast to Portland for the Christmas holidays.

New Years on Viking Star.

These past days have been a mix:  Visiting, packing, sorting, remembering, mourning, 'planning'.    Now will begin a time for transition.  Looking back Kristi and I are clear - we have no regrets taking this year off from cruising, with all its ups and downs.  And we do hope we brought something to Maynard and Ellen as their lives came to a close.  We think we did.

I put the Cruising Lifestyle label on this post because much of the 'lifestyle' is about Family.  Those we take with us and those we leave behind as we depart on our 'craziness'.  What will happen to them? Will they forget us?  Will we ever be able to truely go back into a 'normal' life?

"The whole idea is Freedom . . ." 1 begins a famous quote from an admired cruising couple, freedom to make choices, to follow where life takes us.

And we did.  Now its time to start another chapter.

 1  "The whole idea is freedom.    Go simple,  Go cheap,  Go now."   -  Lyn Pardee.

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