Monday, May 4, 2015

Cascadia Sail-In, Poulsbo WA

The last weekend in April we attended the Cascadia Sailing Association's gathering at Poulsbo WA. There was plenty of good food, drink, and socializing.  There were four educational presentations by members, with lots of information and photographs.

Though the focus was on cruising the northern waters, and this year we are going to the south Sound, we do plan to eventually go north, and it's nice to hear from others' experience.

Now.  You may wonder at the 'Coffee Shops' label for this post.  Fellow blogger Hira suggested some time ago that I should post reviews of shops we had visited.  So here is the first we have LOVED in quite some time.

Hot Shots Java Coffeehouse in Poulsbo is wonderful!  Though the gentleman barista produced the prettiest latte, the flavor was consistently excellent on each of our three visits, with other baristas brewing on other days.

There were food offerings available, though MOST customers appear to stop at Sluys Bakery, just across the street, first and bring their pastries to the coffeehouse.  It wasn't a problem.  So that's what we did too.

There was a nice flow of traffic, with plenty of seating, at various-sized tables.  We saw single people, and groups (one time 3 tables pushed together for a dozen or so people, who politely re-set them when they were finished).

They are definitely on the way to continuing their winning streak!

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