Friday, May 8, 2015

Micah Returns!

I've been keeping my eyes 'up the Sound' for a couple of days now.  I knew they were headed home.

I know they like to go through the passage at high tide, so I was watching carefully last night around sunset.  And this morning, the next high tide.  I thought I could hear a low rumble, and looked upsound and thought I could see a tower.  So I got my binoculars, and sure enough -- there was a big flat area with that tower.

I quickly went below and told Al 'It's coming!'  We got dressed and I grabbed the camera and headed ashore.

The first sighting!

Making the starboard turn

Another starboard turn, into Rich Passage

When she rounded the point and was out of sight, we returned to the boat to prepare this post.  I sent Micah a text letting him know we had been watching.  And he replied!  He had been in a hangar bay for a short time of the arrival.  We HAD waved, just in case, but he was on the starboard side.  PERHAPS at the time of the last photo.

I am thankful I was able to see my son come home!

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