Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Miramontes Family Visit, Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Daughter Casey and her family visited us in the south sound three years ago.  The kids have grown a LOT since then.  We revisited the same stops, McMicken and Hope Islands.  Both are Washington State Parks and have lots of opportunity for exercise and sealife encounters.

But first, of course, everyone gets a turn to 'drive the boat'!  All three kids needed a pillow to sit on, and still could barely see where we were going.

Milo will be 5 in three months

Evan is twice as old as the last time he was in this area.

Madalyn is very good at interpreting what she sees on the chart plotter and steering accordingly.  She also checked out every hat on the hooks.  I think this was her favorite.

We dubbed this 'The Dinosaur' the last time we were all together here.

Obligatory rock throwing

Casey is interested in the crabs

This is the first time we find Hermit Crabs!  They are TEENY!



Casey and Richard having fun

Richard heads off on a hike with the kids.

Back on the boat, the kids occupy themselves with a game that includes ringing the bell as softly as they can,

'driving the boat'

and then running inside to take off their lifejackets and putting them back on as fast as they can, called 'putting on the Gumby Suits', after Al had brought up one of our survival suits and zipping Madalyn into it.

It is sure fun to have visitors like this.  

But now Grammie and Papa need a few days of rest and relaxation.

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