Sunday, June 7, 2015

Snow Pack, 2015 vs 2012

On our recent transfer from Olympia to Eagle Island, Al was looking at the Olympic Mountains and said 'I feel like it looks like August!'  News reports have recently stated that we have only 16% of normal snow pack.

I looked through pictures and found a few to compare.

Olympic Mountains 6-6-15

Olympic Mountains 7-5-2012

Mt. Rainier 6-6-15

Mt. Rainier 6-27-12

I'd have to agree that there is considerably less visible snow this year than three years ago at this time!

And just for another comparison, here is another one to look at:

Mt. Rainier over Tacoma, 9-2-2012

MAYBE we can say we have more snow now that we usually have in September, but we've been told to expect a warm, dry summer....

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