Saturday, June 20, 2015

Knitting Projects

Kristi here.  I've been working on my own projects too!  Knitting continues to be very therapeutic to me.

I started this scarf in February, the first project begun after taking a beginning knitting class.  I used a pair of my Mom's needles.  I called it my 'Tinkerbell' scarf because of the color and that it is light and airy.

This one illustrates my advancing skill.  The tail on the right shows gaps and uneven stitches.  MUCH better on the other.

One project done, another begun!  I have a good start on my first pair of socks!  Not an action shot, this is just a pose to show how learning to use double-pointed needles (DPNs) is a challenge -- it feels like wrestling a porcupine.  (And a nice shot of my Mom's ring on my right hand.)

I reviewed the pattern with a kind clerk at Canvas Works in Olympia, tutoring complete with a visual aid, but half way through the heel, I am stumped.  The next trip to town I will bring it in for more help.  That's one thing I've come to appreciate about every yarn shop I have been in this past year -- friendly, helpful staff!


  1. Pretty well every memory I have of my mother includes knitting needles. She used to sit on the couch with her knitting, reading a book, with her cat on her lap and the TV on. Talk about multi-tasking. Especially when the cat started playing with the yarn ball or swatting the needles.

    1. Though Mom didn't do ANY actually knitting while we were with them last year, her knitting basket was right next to her chair. She'd use the balls of yarn as torpedoes to wake Dad from naps, or toss them at the cat in hopes she'd chase them. And she'd use the knitting needles as kind of 'long fingers' to stroke the cat, who was out of the zone of Mom's elderly stretch.