Saturday, July 4, 2015

Harstine Island Farmers Market

As Kristi and I travel around we at times get an opportunity to visit a local market, Farmers Market, Craft Market or such. We almost always enjoy our time at these, though it does seem more than a few have started to turn into a boutique event perhaps more suited for Big City type folks, or worse:  "Crap I purchased off of Ebay from China to offer for sale today."

There is however this one:

Just a mile walk from Jarrell's Cove State Park - Kristi and I have been there three times this summer. Despite saying we wish we were losing a bit more weight, we always seem to end up with some type of baked good to enjoy with island roasted coffee, plus something to take back to the boat for later.

I have to say this Farmers Market is very nice.  Friendly folks, but more so:  the wide range of hand made items and the ingenuity shown is great.   Plus the prices are not in the 'Seattle Market' range :-)

We enjoy going here, and will likely return again.   I took a few photos of some of the vendors, and though it is perhaps a bit unfair to the rest here are three:

Always a stop:  Coffee from the "Barking Squirrel"

I LOVE the creativity here - she makes
these cards depicting Birds using flower petals
Oh so nice!  (But do keep out of the sun)

And if we had a place to put them, these hand drawings are great!
(And yes, he builds log cabins as well)

Held Saturdays in the summer from 10-noon at the community hall, we WILL be back.

Every once and a while Kristi wonders where we might end up plopping down after we tire of this boating thing - to me, Harstine Island - and its market - has a nice feel to it.

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  1. It looks as if they grow veggies at that msrket, or nearby. Yes it does look great! Hope your woodworking project came out well!