Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sailing School

I've said it before:  'Aren't they CUTE???  They remind me of a school of fish!'

We arrived at the dock at Port Plaza Park in Olympia this morning to rendezvous with daughter Lindsay and the passel of kids she was hauling so that the oldest grandson Troy could visit for a week.

While we were waiting for their arrival, we strolled through the farmer's market, and got a cup of coffee and some pastries from Batdorf and Bronson.  While we were gone, THIS group had gotten set up.  It looked like they were ready to start, so I grabbed the camera.

All lined up for instruction

Getting ready for an exercise

And they're off!

Around the anchor...

And to the pink marker, while the second half of the class is ready for their turn.

After class, getting towed back to the marina.

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