Monday, July 6, 2015


Every once in a while you meet people that you just 'click' with.

Just over a week ago, we hit the jackpot at Jarrell Cove.

We had planned to spend three nights there, hoping to get a spot on the 'short dock' -- we hoped to have better internet access there compared to the other dock.  But, that spot was already occupied, and it appeared a party was gathering on the long dock, so we grabbed a mooring buoy.

But on Saturday we noticed 'our spot' opened up!  So we moved on over.  (And no, the internet was not any better.) After we got there, we recognized the sailboat there by the people and dogs on it, most especially a 'tripod' dog.  We invited them over to share the shade that Viking Star cast on the dock on that warm afternoon, and we got to know Paul and Kris a little better, and Emma and Bentley.

Another couple rowed over from their sailboat later in the evening.  Sherlene was heading to the shower onshore, but we all became engrossed in conversation instead.  She and husband Kevin are just beginning their cruising adventures.  They are a trucker team for 6 months of the year, cruising the highways cross country.  And have now bought a sailboat and are cruising waterways for the other six months.  They are bloggers as well, and Sherlene is a fabulous photographer.  Check them out at

There also was a group of sailors from the Portland OR area, members of Island Sailing Club!  Portland was our 'starting point'.

For this past 4th of July weekend, our friend Chris came up from Portland.  We met him several years ago at the Portland Blues Fest.  He used to live on his sailboat, mainly on the Willamette River, but recently it was stolen, and now his only boat is an inflatable kayak.  He brought it along and explored the shorelines of McMicken and Harstine Islands.  He and Al feasted on oysters and mussels, and we sent him home with clams and crab.

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