Thursday, July 23, 2015

High and Dry

Viking Star had an appointment at the spa!

Al took care of paperwork, and the crew arrives.

Three years worth of slime and crusties to be massaged off to see if they are hiding any problems.

The captain is always anxious during this process.

This new lift is run by remote control!

She's excited!  She even swings back and forth in the sling as she stops over the 'bath' drain.



...THREE scrapers scraping!

Can you hear her sighing 'Aaaaaahhhhhhhh'?

It makes a BIG difference.

Rounding the corner as she is driven to her assigned spot.

Prepping the blocks she will rest on for several days.  She let out a groan as she settled down.

It's a bit more difficult to get onto the boat when she's out of the water.

Ready for the work to begin!

We pick up Michael at the bus station, and Troy and I set out with the rental car for Hillsboro.  I have brought the camera with me, but I've been so busy with grandkids and friend visits that I have only taken a couple of shots.  I ALMOST regret taking the camera with me, and I DO regret that there aren't photos of the work done over the next 5 days.  There was a VERY hot weekend where work was done early in the morning, stopped mid-day, and Al and Michael did what they could to escape the heat.

She's back in the water on schedule, and Al and Michael are cruising the Sound.  I hear she looks great!

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  1. Really interesting to see what is done when out of the water. She's all purdy now. :)