Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Really!  It was kind of to be expected at the downtown Portland docks, with a festival atmosphere, a nice evening, and romance in the air.  
But Vancouver is a bit more 'sleepy'.....and that's what Al and I were too, sleeping away, when I heard a voice, and Al roused from bed.  He opened the door and said 'Can I help you?'  And again I hear a voice, a young female voice, and she says 'I'm sorry, I thought this was someone else's boat.  I'm so sorry.'
Yeah, right.
Someone ELSE'S boat, at 1:30 AM?  
At least this time I was able to roll over and get back to sleep, almost before Al returned to bed.  But this morning, discussing the happenings, Al said she had come all the way across the boat and was nearing the far door.  He hadn't heard her try the dockside door, but still.  
What is it with people?!  I hate to make the generalization, but what is it with young people these days?  And both times now it was girls, though the first time it was a couple.  Though THIS girl ventured onto the boat alone, we heard more voices and laughter when she reached the top of the deck.  Was she acting on a dare?
Having TWO nightime boardings in less than a month at the beginning of our cruising life has us second thinking some options Al had mentioned previously, perhaps jokingly.  Today I commented 'Perhaps we SHOULD electrify the rail!'  He said maybe he should run switches to near the bed to operate the deck lights and the horn.  Those who have heard our horn know what a jolt THAT would be to hear in the night when you are trying to sneak around!
Again, I shouldn't make the generalization, but I told Al that I would have been MORE afraid if it hadn't been girls present.  I am just greatly disturbed that ANYONE would trespass like that.  I remember going for walks with my young children and teaching them to respect other's property.  I would correct them if they just stepped off from the sidewalk onto a lawn or driveway.  The lesson sank into  my children,  and I can see my girls teaching THEIR children, too. 
I guess each incident is a teaching experience for us.  We have discussed at more length some things we should do, and what I should do if Al is not around.  That happens rarely, but as long as he holds his consulting job, there will be some travel requirements.  If I DO fear for my personal safety, maybe I should stay with one of the girls when Al travels.
I just don't like the feeling of being threatened or invaded in my home! 

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  1. Viking Star crew: I've had the privilege of boarding your craft as friend and it still feels right to call across the rail: "Permission to come aboard?" even though I was expected. We are reaping the harvest of an entitlement and instant gratification society in which there is little or no consequence for wrong doing. Be vigilant Vikings!