Thursday, July 1, 2010

Setting Up for Blues Fest

Here is a shot of 'the bowl' last evening as we walked the waterfront.  It's hard to tell you where Viking Star is--find the Safeway banner on the fence, view up until you see a HUGE boat at the dock, and we are behind that.  Al thinks that more boats arrived yesterday than any other day so far.

I had a heavenly experience this morning!  Al got me a guest pass into the gym, and I had a LONG, HOT shower!  Washed my hair AND shaved my legs.  Conditioned my hair and sat in the steam room.  Then ANOTHER long, hot shower!

When we returned to the boat, Al put another coat of Cetol on the spots he's been doctoring, and then dropped the dinghy into the water.  He hopes to go visiting some of those boats that are anchoring.  But first, lunch and a trip to the store.

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