Sunday, July 4, 2010

The View From Our Back Deck...

So here is my Social Butterfly, returning from his first dinghy ride through the maze that has become the Blues Fest anchorage.  Al loves to get out and talk to the people and see the boats.  Me.....I would rather sit on the back dock with a good book, listen to the music, and watch the people go by.  The dock is certainly a busy place these days!  And we expect the activity to peak today and tonight, with the Fourth of July fireworks after today's music.

Life on the dock has been very interesting, with lots of sights to see, smells to sniff, and sounds to hear.  In three weeks, we have seen 'teenage' geese lose the last of their fuzz and become indistinguishable from the adults.  There has been a late-comer appear--a single gosling with it's grey fluff, floating with  it's parents.  There has been the distress of watching and listening to two young ducklings be separated from their mother and siblings, the volume of the music and the confusion of the dinghy traffic keeping the mother from hearing her young's cries.  We were glad to see the next day that all were reunited!

And the people!  Boisterous young people.  Friendly sheriffs.  Sun-bathing bikini babes.  Grizzled men.  Lots of dinghy's like to pull up behind Viking Star and pick up/drop off passengers.  So far, all have been very polite, asking permission to do so if we are present.  The crowd disperses from the lawn soon after the musics ends, and many more people visited the dock last night than the night before.  People stay loud until 11 or midnight.  Tonight will probably be much later.

Al is excited to watch Monday night/Tuesday morning as all the boats anchored begin to de-tangle and depart.  He hears that is the best part of the show!

I will end now with The View From Our Back Deck:

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  1. Hi guys! This is a belated thank you for the invite and wonderful afernoon and evening of July 5. We had great time as usual!